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Frequently Asked Questions

How do children get referred to attend Adelaide School?

If a child has an EHCP for social, emotional and mental health difficulties they will have an annual review of their plan. During this review all agencies may decide that the child needs a place at a specialist provision. Parents would then be invited to look at a range of special schools. Once agreement has been reached the local authority will consult the school for a place for the child. Parents will then be informed if there is any availability.

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I want to know more about the school and whether it would suit the needs of my SEN child. How do I do this?

If you would like to talk to someone about the school or come for a look around just get in touch. We are very approachable and friendly and would be keen to talk to you about your child.

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Do pupils who attend this school achieve GCSEs?

We are aspirational for our pupils and support them to achieve to the best of their abilities. For some pupils this means they achieve functional skills qualifications but for most this also includes GCSEs. We carefully plan a curriculum which carefully balances academic subjects, vocational learning and life skills. The balance is difference for individual pupils. See the curriculum section of this website for more information about this.

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What is the ‘intent’ of the school? What do you aim to achieve?

Stakeholders worked together to identify the curriculum intent of this school. We believe this is a balance between exploring how to stay well, learn and prepare for the future. Staff work hard to support pupils to make progress against the personal attributes which we all believe are key to ensuring that they are active British citizens prepared for life in modern Britain. Please follow the link below to discover more about our curriculum intent.

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What does this school do about careers?

Careers is at the heart of our ‘My Future’ section of our curriculum intent. Careers is a key focus throughout the school. Our Careers Portal shows the full Careers Programme that pupils are able to access throughout KS2-KS5.

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What do pupils do when they leave you?

We try hard to track where our pupils go and what they are up to. They are always popping in and we like to celebrate their successes. Pupils in the last few years have entered very varied career paths including; attending university, entering the army, working as a landscape gardener and selling windows!

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What interventions are in place to support the well-being of pupils?

Every week we run interventions to support pupils to make holistic progress. The well-being activities pupil’s access are identified using their EHCP plans and our tracking of their personal, social and emotional progress. Some of the interventions include animal therapy, forest schools and sensory activities.

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