GSO Test

'To help young people help themselves'

Virtual Learning Rewards

 Be a winner and log into your daily virtual learning session:

Y10- 10-11am

Y9x- 11-12am

Y6/7- 1-2pm

Y8 and 9y- 2-3pm

The code is:  3589450147

Password: Adelaide20


Week 1 Achievers

Aaron A, Zach, George, Alex, Taylor H, Jamie H, Mackaiden, Dan, Harry, Ashton

Week 2 Achievers

Dan, Alex, Matthew, Harry T , Ashton, Zach, Aaron, Taylor, George, Jamie Heath

Week 3 Achievers George, Zac, Taylor, Aaron, Jamie, Dan, Matthew, Alex, Ashton, Harry
Week 4 Achievers
Most Engaged Award Winners
Above and Beyond Award Winners Jake H

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